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Designer and Owner - Carol Hatch

Carol Hatch has been in the textile and fashion industry since she was 5. Her family owned a large 20,000 sf. fabric store where she started working at age 7 helping with small tasks. 

By age 16, Carol was designing clothing and at age 22, she had her own clothing line selling to Nordstroms and other fine stores in the USA. Her clothing line was nationwide with 12 sales reps. She opened 3 retail stores and loved to design and decorate them. Her store was known for it’s unique clothing and displays, which were always meticulously decorated and designed.


Carol was asked to do displays and interiors for stores and homes, which she did on the side. However, she was overwhelmingly busy with her growing clothing line, and she could not pursue her heart’s passion.

After 10 years, she sold her clothing line to pursue her love of interior design and has never looked back. Her home was so overflowing with unique pieces she would pick up for clients that she had to start renting industrial space to hold all of her inventory. In a very short time, she began selling some of her items to other home decor stores. The word spread and people began shopping her warehouse {even though there was no air conditioning}!

Carol spent countless hours driving and shopping for special pieces and the perfect furniture for each of her clients. In order to save her clients’ money, she opened the Designer Blvd. Showroom. This way others could shop and enjoy her great finds as well {and it has air conditioning}!

Our inventory is continually updated with the best that Carol has found on her buying expeditions and never with cookie-cutter catalog pieces. 

Thanks to Carol, our inventory is handpicked. You can rest assured that a room that has been outfitted or designed by Designer Blvd. Studio will be perfectly curated to your style and be the perfect dwelling place for you and your family.


Carol Hatch started Designer Blvd. in 2008.