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Full Service Interior Design

This package is ideal for the client who does not need any structural changes, but wants to completely redo a space! We talk extensively with our clients about the atmosphere, functionality, and design aesthetics they envision for their home. Then our designers hand-select items that would fulfill the ideas conceptualized between designer and client. Everything is styled on install day and our clients walk into a freshly designed space!


Included in this Package:


  • Client consultations

  • Professional spatial planning & design board

  • Access to your own client portal that will include a selection of curated furniture & accessories.

  • Ordering and purchasing for all items chosen in the client portal.

  • Installation and styling for your new space!

A good design time budget is 5-10% of the overall project.

New Construction + Remodeling Services

Whether you are building or remodeling, we understand the amount of time, effort, and thought placed into this endeavor! At Designer Blvd., we take the time to understand you and your vision. Choosing window treatments, paint, light fixtures, countertops, doors, furnishings and other accessories that are all complimentary can be overwhelming. We take your vision and curate a cohesive and refined design that will bring you confidence and excitement for your project!


We also work as a liaise with contractors and other trades to ensure a smoother experience.


Regardless of your current project phase, Designer Blvd., is confident that our team of design professionals can offer valuable advice for your new construction or remodel.


Included in this Package:





  • Client consultations

  • Collaboration & meetings with trades, architects, and contractor

  • Professional spatial planning & design board

  • Access to your own client portal that will include a selection of curated finishes, furniture, & accessories.

  • Frequent on-site visits to field questions and monitor progress

  • Ordering and purchasing for all items chosen in the client portal.

  • Installation and styling for your new space!

A good design time budget is 5-10% of the overall project.

Accessory Package

If you already have all of your furniture and just need the accessories to tie it all together, this package is the perfect one for you!

  • There will be a 30-minute in-home consultation and a 30-minute in-store style discovery visit with a designer to get a precise vision of your aesthetic.

  • Your designers will pick out items for your space based on your conversation.

  • There will be a 3-hour install in your home. We are very flexible and bring many options. We truly want it to be something you love!

  • Your home will be styled and designed to your taste. We can't wait to decorate your home!

Accessories Include:

Artwork, Home Accent Items, Greenery, and Lamps!


Our minimum accessory budget is $7,000.00. We offer a flat rate design fee of $1,500. The design fee includes a 30-minute in-home consultation, a 30-minute in-store style discovery, shopping, delivery, installation, and return.

Designer for a Day

Dive into the ultimate design assistance with our 'Designer for a Day' service, where creativity meets collaboration to transform your space into a personalized, and cozy home! Whether you're grappling with spatial arrangements, doubting furniture choices, or overwhelmed with materials and accessories, our designer’s expertise will empower you to make informed decisions that reflect your distinct style. From hand-picking the perfect furniture pieces to selecting appropriate accessories, lighting, and materials, we’ve got you covered!

This dynamic design experience is most effective when focusing on one or two specific areas or topics, ensuring every detail receives the attention it deserves. As the session draws to a close, you'll receive a personalized summary brimming with customized recommendations, serving as your ultimate guide to navigating any remaining design challenges and bringing your vision to life. Let this roadmap inspire and propel you forward on your journey to curating a home for inspiration and purposeful living.

Up to 3 Hours with an Interior Designer $900
Up to 5 Hours with an Interior Designer $1200


We offer a variety of services, including commercial and residential, room refreshers, new builds, remodels, and accessory packages.
For our Design Services, our on-site consultations start at $250.

We can't wait to help you create the home of your dreams!



"Transformative, inspirational and unbelievably stunning would accurately describe our new home that was decorated by the design team at Designer Boulevard. With out of the box and innovative ideas, their level of creativity and decorative knowledge completely transformed our newly constructed house to the home of our dreams. The above coupled with their impeccable level of customer service makes Designer Boulevard your one stop location for all your home interior needs."
- Ken B.


Value 1: Passion 

Passion drives our team at Designer Blvd.  The design process is comprehensive and tedious, but we thrive on the details that truly make your design stand out.  That passion leads us to create unique and elevated spaces for our clients. 


Value 2: Integrity

Integrity builds trust between the designer and the client. We stand by our word at all times as we follow through on what we say.  You never have to worry if we will make things right.


Value 3: Communication

Open and honest communication is our top priority. Communication ensures expectations and design plans reflect your desired aesthetic, and that the entire process flows effectively. It is key to a successful client and designer relationship.


Value 4: Collaboration

Creating the best design requires your input and our expertise! Our team aims to make your ideas a reality.  We will work together with our clients, trades, and other professionals to bring a new perspective, and resolve any questions that may occur during the process.


Value 5: Teamwork

Designer Blvd has a whole team of talented associates that are involved in “creating a beautiful design with purposeful living.” We have designers, decorators, and a full-time florist working together to create a serene space that brings you comfort and happiness.


Value 6: Happiness

The happiness of our designers and clients is at the core of Designer Blvd. By following our values, happiness occurs naturally! Our customers feel valued, and we relish in their excitement over their new space!

Value 6: Expertise

Our extensive knowledge of materials, fabrics, and finishes and passion for home design and decor will prove to be invaluable as you make choices. Masterfully blending timeless and classic elements to create a space that is authentically you. Luxury and livability come together in a fresh way to make your home feel sophisticated, yet serene.

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