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Changing Your Layout

If you haven't read my post about deciding whether a remodel is worth it, click here. Like I mentioned in the previous post, we chose a remodel because we loved our location, neighborhood, and friends. But our house was completely outdated. So we started our remodeling adventure the same way I do with my clients - by reviewing the layout of the home. Here is the previous layout of my home:

Can you see all the stairs? Every time we came into our house, we had to go up a few stairs to get into the kitchen, then downs stairs to cross into the family room, and then upstairs to get to our bedrooms. My layout was like one big stair climber machine. Another concern was our isolated kitchen. We really wanted to knock down the walls that separated the kitchen from the dining room and family room. By doing that, we created an extra large space for ourselves. So I had to carefully plan and create a new flow and traffic pattern as well. In the end, we ended up with this layout below:

We removed half of the dining room, but kept a small section and converted it into a larger pantry. We have a small pocket door that allows easy access. It also doesn't need space for swing door, which for a small space was crucial! Everything flows so seamlessly together. There are no more weird walls, dividers, or stairs. I love it! When we removed the wall between the family room and kitchen, we had to add a beam to give support. Although we knew a beam would be expensive, getting that open look was crucial for us.

Renderings are not always necessary. However, renderings are always a good idea because it helps with communication. It gives all parties involved a visual and expectation. It creates less confusion, and confronts questions earlier in the construction/design process. I am excited to announce that we are now offering rendering services at Designer Blvd.! We also give our clients a "watercolor" picture with their 3D rendering. Whether it be for one room, or an entire house, we are excited to start helping you visualize your future home!



Hey, friend! Thanks for stopping by. I hope to empower you with the knowledge and product to create meaningful, beautiful spaces for your home.  Regardless of your style, I'm certain you'll find it here! 

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