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Design it With DB: Styling Tips

Have you ever seen something styled and wonder, "Why did they choose those items?" or "How did they make that all come together?" In teaching, they do something called "examples" and "non examples." They show you items that fit within a concept, but also show or discuss ideas that do not fit. It helps people be able to identify a concept more confidently. That's what I hope to do with all of you today. Here was the scenario:

We needed to do a product shoot, so I grabbed a small bin with a variety of items and styles that I wanted to put on our online store. I knew my neighbor had this super cute modern peg board, so I asked her if we could come style it with some product during our shoot. All I had to work with with a variety of items I thought were cute (sound familiar?!) Here is a what was in the bin:

Not shown: a collection of different greenery and floral stems.

I wanted to incorporate elements that would enhance both the natural and modern elements of the peg board. I chose a neutral color palette with hints of green. I would have loved to bring in another color as well, but because I didn't have more colorful items, I relied on using different textures to bring interest to the space.

I Ended Up With These Four Scenarios:


Scenario 1: This was the first thing I came up with, and truthfully, I liked it. I liked how the tones of the basket at the top tied with the tones of the globe. My only concern was the globe seemed a little small. It didn't seem to fill the space needed. So I decided to use something larger.

Scenario 2: I grabbed a picture frame next looking for something taller to fill the space. But once I put it on the books, It seemed to take the same shape. The frame and the books became one item instead of keeping its separate, unique identity. I want each item to own its space.

Scenario 3: I decided we needed more balance of color and height. So I grabbed the green vase, and placed a single eucalyptus stem. I loved the addition of color it brought to the space. And I loved the height the stem gave the space. It filled its role, without being overbearing.

Scenario 4: Before I tried scenario 3, I actually tried using an olive tree. This is what gave me the idea of using something green. I love that the olive tree seemed to balance the greenery we had used on the left side. But it was too full. It overwhelmed the space. The height was nice, the color was nice, but it seemed to large.


Take pictures! After you change something (or a few things), look back at pictures. They will help you see what things you like most. Example: We did this so quickly as a last minute idea. But if I could change it now, I might see how the globe works at the top by replacing it with the larger box and lid. I might also switch the places of the leaf vase with the cement pot. Pictures help!

Also, don't be afraid to use whatever you have around the house. But if you need something new, most of these items are around $30 or less! You can find them here on our online store.


It's nice to have some items that blend with the background. It helps avoid business while also filling a space.

Use stems & books to help add height.

Always bring greenery to a space!


Happy Designing, Friends!



Hey, friend! Thanks for stopping by. I hope to empower you with the knowledge and product to create meaningful, beautiful spaces for your home.  Regardless of your style, I'm certain you'll find it here! 

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